Amy On August - 7 - 2011

Two years ago on July 16th 2009, Amy’s father, Ivan Baker, passed away. He has always had to battle with his heart condition. Amy had a very close relationship with her dad. The basis of how we started iMade Boutique is really something that helped Amy get through the day. Crafting, scrapbooking and sewing are the things she loves to work the on the most. Everything under handmade was made by Amy. Crafting has been a blessing in disguise and to show her love and appreciation, Amy wanted a line which is called, “Papa Bear” in memory of her father. For every purchase made from the Papa Bear Collection, a portion of the proceeds with go to Brian Littrell’s Healthy Heart Club. This is exciting news for our company and we are looking forward to giving back to help to those in need. Please check out the store. Amy can also do special requests as well. Thanks and continue having a healthy heart.

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