Amy On August - 18 - 2011

Good morning everyone! Okay, so its about 7:00am and I have been sitting at my desk thinking about what to scrapbook next. Luckily, I have Scrapbook Page Maps 1 & 2 as an easy guide. This book is a five star for one simple reason. They give you flash card ideas that can be put on a binder ring. I enjoy flipping through books and magazines to see peoples work, but it’s hard to keep a book open and look at the ideas they have. The cards are a lot smaller and more enjoyable since one size is the map of the layout and on the other side is how it looks afterwords. These are inspirational and something I enjoy going through. Since having these cards, I have never had to search for another “inspiration” book.


The only downside was Scrapbook Page Maps #1 I had to whole punch all of them myself but in the second edition the cards come hole punched. You will need a hole puncher if you want the first book as well. It took me about 20-30 minutes while watching a movie. It was worth it. In the end conclusion I suggest the books and I hope you enjoy them.

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