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iMade Boutique Workstation

In our first video post, we go over the desk area that Amy works at, and how everything is organized.

Scrapbook Page Maps 1 & 2

August - 18 - 2011
Posted by Amy

Good morning everyone! Okay, so its about 7:00am and I have been sitting at my desk thinking about what to scrapbook next. Luckily, I have Scrapbook Page Maps 1 & 2 as an easy guide. This book is a five star for one simple reason. They give you flash card ideas that can be put  [ Read More ]

Cricut :chirp:chirp:

August - 17 - 2011
Posted by Amy
Cricut expression

Okay, maybe a cricut doesn’t chirp but it is one of the most popular tools used by scrapbookers and crafters. The one machine I would like to go over is the Cricut Expression. Here is an description from their website: Make your crafts impressively expressive. Whether you’re designing a scrapbook of your family vacation or  [ Read More ]

August - 17 - 2011
Posted by Amy
scrapbook logo

If you are a member of go ahead and add us as a friend username: iMade Boutique. We would love to see your work and to chat about the wonderful world of scrapbooking. See you soon.


Hey everyone! To celebrate our new store, the first 100 people to like us on Facebook will win a one of a kind piece from the papa bear collection. That’s it! Just add us as a friend on Facebook. Hurry up and tell your friends. This is a steal.

Lips Need Love Too

August - 12 - 2011
Posted by Amy

What do lips have to do with crafting? Well, what body part do you move the most? Arms, Legs & Lips? We cannot forget what helps us speak. It’s good to keep hydrated and relaxed while crafting but don’t forget to also hydrate those pretty lips of yours. I also have a thing of chapstick  [ Read More ]